Art: MG-107


  • Ergonomic style combined with stylish look and premium features
  • Hook and loop cuff permits an adjustable and secure fit
  • Reinforced Kevlar stitching for maximum strength and durability
  • PVC dots on palm and fingers for an enhanced grip
  • Stretchable nylon on knuckles improves dexterity and comfort
  • Ventilation holes between fingers for maximum breathability
  • Textured patches on palm, finger tips and thumb crotch increase protection and durability
  • Applications: Automotive, small parts handling, maintenance, manufacturing, most industrial applications
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Size Large

Palm Material  Synthetic  Cuff Style

Hook and loop

Material   Synthetic Leather

The Leads Guarantee

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Performance And Quality
Our Technology And Material

Anti-Microbial Protection

Our latest fabric enhancing technique prevents and restricts the growth of Bacteria and other microorganisms within the fabric. The heart of our anti-microbial protection initiative is to apply to all of our materials, enabling the garments to stay fresher and cleaner compared to other brands.

Color Bonding

Our Color Bonding process maintains the same freshness and exhibits excellent color fastness to washing. Even after wash after wash,

Wicking Effect

Our chemical treatment of the fabrics and garments creates allows the material to consume extra ordinary absorbency of water and perspiration. Performance fabric with this effect can absorb the water with in 0-60 second time.

Low Pilling

One of the drawbacks that come over the period of time from washing is pilling. Our technology implements anti-pilling agents and different softeners on the performance fabrics to absolutely nullify the occurrence of pilling, even after 20 washes.

Low Shrinkage

A performance feature that demonstrate as low as 2% x 2% (LXW) shrinkage up to 20 washes. This feature enables the fabric to be durable for a much longer lasting time.

Performance Fabric

Leads Manufacturing has the right technology along with efficient and proven techniques which guarantee our garments will meet a wide variety of performance fabric demands, such as moisture wicking fabrics. Performance fabrics are available in multiple constructions: Pique, Jersey, Ri